Learning At Home


If learners are unable to attend school due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) then the use of “distance learning programmes” can be used to limit the disruption of education.   We are aware that not all learners will be able to access online resources via a computer, but the vast majority will have access to a mobile phone and or tablet which will allow you to access the same information. Teachers from all departments are currently uploading suitable work that can be accessed at home via this website.  Please read the section below that refers to your child’s keystage and how to access their schoolwork. 


All Keystage 3 learners can access work via the individual department pages.  To do this please “click” on the Departments’ tab on the top menu bar and select which subject you would like to view.  Once you have entered the “Subject” page you will see a “Learning At Home” logo on the right hand side which will contain work for learners.

All Keystage 4 & 5  learners for examination classes will access resources and communicate via the
Google Classroom’ platform.  This will ensure learners, parents/guardians and teachers can communicate effectively during this period.  Your teacher will send you an email invitation to join a class or a group depending if the work is specific to you or a larger group. Here you will have access to documents, workbooks, quizzes, links and even assessed tasks.

You can also access GCSEPod which has been purchased for all learners in the school at all keystages. GCSEPOD is a high quality resource for learners which can be evidenced to have an impact on both progress and attainment for all ability levels, here you will find a vast array of resources for all subjects.

If your experiencing problems accessing your school email account or password, please ‘click here’ to email password support team and remember to leave your child’s name and year group.

If your experiencing problems accessing a HWB Account & Password please ‘click here’ to email our password support team and remember to leave your child’s name and year group.